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The Process

FoldedNote is designed to help you give and get honest feedback. We do this by allowing you to send messages and get feedback on those messages in an environment that protects your identity.

How FoldedNote Works


Say, Goldilocks has decided that she really has had enough of the lukewarm food at the 3 Bears Café. She decides it's time to give them some honest feedback.

FoldedNote can help her say what she want's to say.

Step 1: Writing Your Note

Goldilocks will write short note to that says:

"Three Bears -- I think it would be a good idea to warm up your food some more. I find that your porridge is often too cold and makes my tummy hurt!"
A confirmation link is sent to her at Once she clicks on the confirmation link , her message will be released to the reader.

Step 2: Delivering Your Note

The three bears will get a notification that there is a note waiting for them at FoldedNote. If they choose to read the note, they can click on the link to read the note at FoldedNote.

When they read the note, they will only see the message in the note. The sender's email will not be visible to the reader. The system hides the identity or message writers.

Step 3: Feedback on Your Note

Once the three bears have read the note, they are asked to rate the note on a seven point scale from "Very Useful & Welcome" to "Very Useless and Unwelcome." The bears can optionally respond with a short message that will be returned to the writer. Here, the three bears rate the note with a "+3" rating of "Very Useful."

"Thanks for your note. Other people have mentioned that to us and we are going to work on making our porridge warmer."
Once the response has been saved, the Goldilocks will get a message letting her know that her note has been read and rated.

Step 4: Closing the Loop

Once Goldilocks has read the response, the three bears will get a note letting them know that their rating and response has been read. The feedback cycle is complete.

Would you like to send a FoldedNote?

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