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Say it with FoldedNote
Send a Note and Get a Response
Without Revealing Your Identity.

FoldedNote is a two-way communication system that allows you to send notes privately and anonymously. You will be notified when your note is read and the reader will be able to respond to your note. Your email address will not be revealed at any time during the process.


FoldedNote can help you say what is hard to say:

  • Give honest feedback to someone you know.
  • Provide some helpful advice without them knowing it came from you.
  • Ask a question that is easier to ask when they don't know who is asking.
  • Tell them something they need to hear, but is hard to say in person
  • Share some information that you want to share anonymously.

Send a note with FoldedNote today! There is no cost and no sign-up required. You will simply need to confirm your message through a link sent to your email address. We won't let them know it came from you, but we can tell you what they thought.

When it is hard to say, Say it with FoldedNote.

Send a Note

Enter the email address of the person you want to send a note to.


Be careful not to include any information that may give away your identity. We recommend starting your note with the recipient's first name.
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FoldedNote is built on a foundation of privacy and will never sell email addresses to third parties.